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Local Merchant Services

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El-Salvador.Trade is operated by Local Merchant Services (LMS), who are co-operating with different partners in the provision of Trade Services to the individual Digital Trade Gateways featured in the Programme, which enables: Cargo Release Facilitation, Trade Finance Facilitation, and provides a Stablecoins Pool

More details on those features provided for Individual Trade Gateways below.

Cargo Release Facilitation: To assist customers to eliminate manual processes and remove any need for physical exchanges of paper documentation. This can lead to a reduction in the overall process time of over 98%.

Trade Finance Facilitation: It will also enable financial institutions to leverage logistics data in their underwriting, and risk management processes, when they provide financing products to customers.

Local Logistics Partner Network Provision: LMS is partnering with a Local Logistics Group in the operation of the Trade Gateways. This group has offices in El-Salvador all over the world and an international network of freight shipping companies, partners and agents. Individual Regional Trade Gateways are being linked to the relevant DSV Office. LMS is providing the requisite Trade Digitization infrastructure to include tools for parties in the supply chain to issue trade documents, for those documents to be signed and verified online and for anyone to check the validity of a digital trade document.

Stablecoin Pool Provision: Stable coins are designed to represent ownership of real-world assets and can be electronically exchanged directly between counterparties, resulting in immediate ownership transfer of the underlying assets themselves — a process called settlement. Instead of a VERY long wait, someone can be paid in a matter of minutes. The value of stable coins is pegged to Fiat Currency. They are not subject to price volatility.

All Units in the Stablecoin Pool would fully conform to existing legislation and be a virtual representation of Fiat currency.